Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mama wheeled her
into the living room
she asked me to keep
Grandma company
while she got some work done
in the kitchen
Father O’Brien was coming over
for tea
sure I said

since the stroke
my Grandma sat there

her rosary in one hand
head tilted to one side
she looked slightly downward
at her lap

hair braided
and twisted into a neat coil
she had a light sweater
to keep her warm

I brought my record player
down from my room
and plugged it in
took out my favorite album

Free to Be You and Me

I began singing
to Grandma
sharing the booklet of lyrics
with her
making sure she could follow along
if she wanted

I sang the whole album
once through
then belted out my favorite
the title track
Free to Be…You and Me
sung by The New Seekers

and over
and over

still silent

 I sang it again.

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