Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So a very nice Jehovah Witness just
knocked on my door.
An older man with white hair and crinkly eyes.
He introduced himself and his wife.
Nice names. *
They both had warm hands.

I didn't mind the interruption
I don't have any heat in my house
at the moment
and my hands were quite cold
from trying to type and update my
online portfolio.

Anyway, he asked me, 
"Do you believe in a Doomsday?"
and he pointed to the cover
of the pamphlet he handed me.
It had a black and white photo
of a broken train and burned cars.
And some concrete blocks.
I liked that detail because it reminded
me how happy I was
that my husband had removed
the concrete blocks from our driveway
just yesterday.

And I said, "Yes, I do, I meet up
with a Doomsday every day at Stop and Shop."
And then I told him it just wasn't
illustrated correctly on  his cover.

He laughed.

His second question was, "Do you
believe God cares about women?"
He then showed me the cover of
pamphlet number 2.
That had quite a nice collage of various
women and girls involved in happy activities.

And I said, "Of course! We are 
walking gifts on this Earth. We're
the better half as they say. I am
slightly biased though, being a woman myself."

He laughed again. A nice hearty laugh.
And I laughed. His wife laughed.
We all stood in the sunshine on my front stoop
I was just so happy I could answer his questions.

We shook hands again and parted ways.
I told him and his wife
to be very careful walking on such a busy road.

It is always nice to share a laugh.
Don't you think?
I'll try to laugh today at the grocery store.

* can't divulge their names, I want to retain their privacy. : )
but maybe you'll meet them someday.

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